Toy Monte Carlo generation of Psi(3770) decays

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This code represents the work of my summer internship in 2013. The purpose of this code is two-part:

  1. Investigate the invariant mass distributions of the product particles of three decays:

    • $\psi(3770) \rightarrow D^0 \overline{D}^0$
    • $B^+ \rightarrow D^0 \overline{D}^0 K^+$
    • $D^0 \rightarrow K^+ K^- K^- \pi^+$
  1. Investigate the decay angles between product pairs in the following two decays:

    • $\psi(3770) \rightarrow D^0 \overline{D}^0$
    • $B \rightarrow \left( \psi(3770) \rightarrow D^0 \overline{D}^0 \right) K$

These results demonstrate that the decay angle of the decays is sufficiently sharply peaked to be used as a discriminator from the background.

It can therefore be used to distinguish the $\psi(3770) \rightarrow D^0 \overline{D}^0$ decays for use in symmetry violation studies such as those measuring the strong phase information of the decay.